Thursday, July 2, 2009

Brooklyn Pictures

1. Brooklyn's version of the FlatIron Building, I suppose.
2. The archway in that towered over a Brooklyn Intersection near the Museum and Prospect Park.
3. The Brooklyn Museum.
4. A building being demolished as I walked through Brooklyn.
5. This is the street that the photo from "The Freewheelin Bob Dylan" was taken. Sorry about the darkness.
6-10. Prospect Park.
11-15. The Mets Game. This is what you get for fifteen dollar seats.
16. One of the many sideshows along the boardwalk at Coney Island.
17. The circus at Coney Island.
18-21. Random shots from Coney Island.
22, 23. This is Nathan's Hot Dogs at Coney Island where they do the hotdog eating contests. The record is 66. I only finished one, but it was excellent. Many not so good that I wanted 65 more, but one more maybe.
24-29. More photos from Coney Island, including a shot of my feet in the Atlantic Ocean. I couldn't resist; I actually went swimming after I took this picture. (Coming soon: a photo of my feet in the Pacific Ocean.)
30. Asa Ransom performing in Manhattan. (When in New York, I stayed with my old friend, andAsa Ransom's singer/guitarist, Jacob.

1 comment:

Susanna said...

Craziest thing -- I was in Seattle at my favorite bookstore and found Ferlinghetti's _A Coney Island of the Mind_, which I bought because I once had a copy that I lent to you and you loved so much you forgot to give it back to me (or so I heard -- and let me say it's a trick I'm guilty of myself with a handful of long-gone, unsuspecting friends). Anyway, the book made me think of you and wonder if you were having a good summer with your writing project and lo and behold when I get on your blog to see -- you've been to CONEY ISLAND!

It made me laugh, oh yes it did.

And I'm enjoying your adventures, too. I'm in BC right now and sluggish about trekking out by myself while Josh is in class, so you've also managed to inspire me.

Happy writing, happy traveling. Have a hoot and be safe!