Wednesday, April 4, 2007

It's Good To Be King

Stacey finally admitted that I am the Cribbage King. We were playing last saturday and I tried telling her before she took me on that I was the cribbage king, but she denied me. She took me in the first game, and her confidence rose. A little too much as I smoked her in game 2 and 3. So much so, that in her shame, she made me a crown and crowned me the Cribbage King. In the second picture, you'll notice that I just wanted to document those 3 words, so people would believe me when I tell them stacey was wrong. Or believe me when i tell them she admitted it.

Next stop: the backgammon bad-ass. (i can't think of any other good "b-names" to go with backgammon)

well, stacey and i have a snow day, today. there is quite a vicious blizzard outdoors. I just helped un-stick a guy from a snow drift i nthe middle of a parking lot. it is wicked cold. so, in honor of the snow say, we are having a movie night. and ordering out. maybe some more cribbage.