Thursday, July 2, 2009

Manhattan Pictures

1. A bell in front of St. Paul's Church - a tiny church at the edge of Ground Zero that survived the attack - that was given to the US by London.
2. The inside of St. Paul's.
3. Old cemetery in front of St. Paul's. The church has a tremendous history, including the inauguration of George Washington, and Alexander Hamilton's resting spot.
4. A military memorial.
5. A tiny church nestled in the financial district.
6-7. Ground Zero. It is near impossible to see anything here beside fence and tarp. But you can pay 20 dollars to go to a Ground Zero Memorial.
8. Another shot of St. Paul's church.
9. The Statue of Liberty.
10-13. Shots taken from the Staten Island Ferry.
14, 15. The FlatIron Building.
16. The famous Pete's Tavern, where O. Henry frequented.
17. Another Cathedral.
18. I believe that Don Delillo named his third novel, Great Jones Street, after this street.
19. Empire State Building.
20, 21. A couple shots of some random buildings.
22, 23. More of the Flatiron Building.
24. Front of the Rockefeller Building.
25. Radio City building.
26-28. Times Square.
29. Eerie Cathedral.
30. Statue in Rockefeller Plaza.
31. Same Eerie cathedral, near Central Park.
32, 33. Rockefeller Building.
34. One of New York's less known monuments.

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Diane said...

Jason, your pictures are simply incredible! Glad you are home!