Monday, June 15, 2009

Pictures-UNM, Train Stations, Lunch, Portland, and Through the Train Windows: Mt. Shasta, Cascades

Some Explanations:

1. My feet hanging over the ledge of the hostel porch, composing this post.

2. My favorite district in Portland: the ethnic food trailers. Killer Carne Asada and Pollo tacos for only 1.50. Also includes Thai, Indian, Venezuelan, Czech, Mexican, American, etc

3. This sign was ridiculous. Viriginia Woolf must be spinning in her River Grave.

4. The Entrance to Chinatown.

5. Not sure what this sign was referring to, the building?

6. The bridge lifted to allow a boat to pass.

7. Willamette River from Hawthorne Bridge. River divides Portland.

8-12. Train Stations of Portland, OR; San Luis Obispo, CA; L.A., CA; Albuquerque, NM; and Raton, NM. (Many, many, many more to come.)

13-24. Pictures from the train. The white-capped mountain is Mt. Shasta, I believe. The mountain range is the contains - Northern CA and Southern OR. The sandwich is Ham and Provolone on a croissant with mayo and Dijon mustard.

25. A sculpture from the UNM campus called "Modern Art." I loved this piece. Essentially, it is an odd-looking metal tower of sorts, surrounded by statues of various folk discussing it, disregarding it, justifying it, explaining it, analyzing it, dismissing it, and putting their head in their hands. Awesome example of some meta-sculpture, calling into the question the very process of determining what art is.

26-27. A couple shots of some of the awesome architecture on the UNM campus. By far, the coolest campus I've been on. I do happen to make a rare appearance in one of these photos. (Where's Waldo?)

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