Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Some Portland Pictures

1. Portland Convention Center
2. City of Bridges
3-4. The first two times I walked across the Willamette river, I had to wait for these bridges, that operated with a mind of their own. (Read: no boats ever passing underneath).
5. Rogue Ales Brewery (biggest waste of time in Portland - rude and discourteous staff)
6. Guys playing bean bags on PSU campus. Apparently its not just a Michigan game.
7. PSU library.
8. Brilliant blue hydrangeas on PSU campus.
9. Chessboards at PSU campus.
Entrance to Waterfront park, where all the homeless sleep.
10-13. Bridges, bridges, bridges. The large boat in 11 is the maritime museum, and the boat in 13, the one that is mostly underwater, is a submarine.
14. The Hawthorne Hostel, in which I slept in a dorm room.
15. Hawthorne Street.
16. Union Station, Portland.

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