Friday, May 18, 2007

the mighty stampers have struck out

softball season officially started last wednesday when "the stampers" fell 11-9 to "team b." we had a slow first inning, giving up 6 runs. in the bottom of the 6th we came within one (8-7) only to give up 3 more runs in the seventh and then failed to recover. it was a good start though. not a bad effort from the graduate english department team. we had a blast. i played third base and hope to stay there. i guess i could just stay there, since i'm the captain, but i'll try to be fair. it was a very sunny and chilly evening. sweatshirts and long paints. (notice the grass stains on my right pant leg in the second picture and the clean pant leg in the 1st and 3rd picture. a result of sliding into second right after that hit you can see in picture # 3. a grass stain i am very proud of. i may not wash those jeans again.) we had to play on a grass field, infield and outfield, grass. it was hard to see the bases, so we're going to try to sneak to a real field next week. normally you have to pay to get on the real fields. but, we're crafty. after the game we had a mandatory team meeting at vangos bar and pizzeria, where we discussed batting order, euchre techniques, and cormack mccarthy. then played euchre and shared pitchers of beer till it closed. a great ending to a great evening.

incidentally, last night the pistons beat the bulls in game 6 to advance to the eastern conference finals for the 5th time in five years. i was booted out of the house so stacey could watch the season finale of grey's anatomy, so i rode my bike to the nearest watering hole to resume my watching of the game. go pistons.

also, this is for you alex, tonight, the tigers will take on the cardinals, a recap of last year's world series. looking forward to watching that one right after softball practice. go tigers.


Anonymous said...

Jaydog, nice hit Casey. Too bad you started out with a loss, but even the Tigers lose once in a while. You are going to get workout being the Brandon Inge of softball!! bb

Anonymous said...

Jas - great action shots! You look like you're having a great time. Wanna trade lives?

Yo mama

Alex Hershey said...

Crap, I think it may be a long season for the World Series Champs. Detroit took it to them this weekend. The Cards are horrible and there is no excuse. I love softball and I am very jealous of your after softball practice. The seminary softball team skips out on that practice. Anyways enjoy pistons vs. LeBron tonight.

Jason Heron said...

What's going on with McCarthy? Read him yet? I'm almost done with Blood Meridian.
Go Pistons.
Go Tigers.
Michigan blood all the way. Never mind that I was born in Marion. Tonight, I will eat pickled bologna, drink Vernors, and go shine a spotlight on some deer in honor of all of my Michigan family members.

jason shrontz said...

man, it has been a long time since I've had pickled bologna. and i absolutely miss it. im sure i'll shine at least a headlight on several deer tonight on my way to work. and i'm about 150 pages into blood meridian, but class started yesterday. i'm hoping that i'll still be able to read mccarthy steadily, though. incredible writer. i've met some huge fans of him up here and most say "blood meridian" is of his best. i'm really too engaged to quit for my realism/naturalism reading.

alex, sorry about your cards. (haha, double meaning there). alex, i guess there is just no luck in your cards. (again). okay, enough. i really wish they were doing better. a great team except for in interleague and world series play. otherwise, #2 on my list. its very early, and they have certainly had their adversity already this year. they will turn it around. a good team always does.

alright fellas,

take it easy.