Monday, May 7, 2007

graduate drumming

someone mentioned to me the other day that shrontz is drumming again. i think this is a good thing. i think this is a good thing for all of us. to listen to it, click here. This is my new band. so far, we call ourselves "the teague whalen trio." Though, there is four of us. i hope you enjoy it. and yes, that is a rhodes piano that jennifer simula is playing. beautiful isn't it? by the way, this is the second of two posts i've written tonight, so keep scrolling.


Anonymous said...

Jas, I liked the track of your band. It had a familar sound. As wierd as it sounds, it reminds me of Fleetwood Mac. Is that wierd or what? Regardless, I liked it. Good luck on the softball adventure. I'm watching the Tigers as I write this post. They are leading Seattle 6 to 5 in the sixth. It will be interesting to see who Lealand puts in as a releaver now that Joel Z. is out. Have a good nite. BB

Anonymous said...

Jay Dog, I listened to the rest of the tracks today, pretty good. I liked the funky sound of " e minor I think". Keep on banging on them bongos,like a chimpanzee! BB