Saturday, February 17, 2007

stacey's birthday

just so everybody knows, its stacey's birthday today. she's twenty-five (and she thinks thats old!!!) not old, though. very young and healthy. this picture here is of her following the doctor's advice that a beer every day is good for your heart. i dont think he was referring to these 2 25oz'ers, though, babe. (actually, one of 'em is mine--but only one of 'em). if you know stacey, give her a call today and wish her a happy birthday. we're going to houghton tonight to see the ice sculptures at michigan tech. and maybe get a little chinese food. tomorrow, we've volunteered us to work big dogsled races that come through marquette, and stacey has the day off work. so, hope ya'll have great weekend, too. jason.

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Anonymous said...

stacey~ Happy Birthay, so glad that Jason put this on his blog since I can't add to yours or at least put a new post. We all looked at your picture (so glad that Jason explained that one of those biggie drinks was his) and we all agree that we can see that you have lost weight. . .your FACE looks different! Not just cause its a 25 year old face either.
we love you and Jason. mom