Sunday, March 11, 2007


alright. we are home. last night we just threw our bags in the office, got some food, then just vegged while we watched "marie antoinette" and "the departed." today we set about the fun task of unpacking and cleaning our apartment. I was very tentative about unpacking my backpack as i already found one scorpion crawling through my hiking clothes (see below). so, very slowly, i unzipped each pocket, peered into it with a flashlight, then pulled out every item, shook it a few times and set it aside. I didn't want to leave the room during this process in case a scorpion crawled out while i was gone and i couldn't find it. I took out every item of clothing and put them right in the dirty clothes bin, that went right to the washing machine (i figured if i missed one, i'd at least drown it). all that to say, my backpack is finally deloused of critters. no venomous arachnids in our apartment, clothes, or luggage.
i must say, though, a little bit of me kinda wanted to find another one. I had already planned out the container I would keep it in--a cardboard box with holes punched in the top--and what flora and fauna i would place in the box to make my scorpion feel like he was in the desert--some sand, a large peice of bark, a few rocks, maybe some snow just to confuse it, and a bowl of water--and exactly what i would feed it--crickets, grasshoppers, earwigs, old research papers. But, alas, no scorpion. i suppose we'll sleep better knowing that are apartment, though drafty and with a nonstop running toilet, is venom free. safe for children and sleepy students. i can safely walk around without socks and lay on the couch without investigating under its cushions. though, the experience made me want a pet. i'm sure i'll get over that, for now.

sleep well, i finally will.


Anonymous said...

Jay Dog. I have to go with The Grateful Dead and Ray Charles, sticking with comfort music. Glad you didn't come up with anymore critters, especially the kind that bite. It is really nice down here, over sixty. I went for about a 7 mile bike ride. It felt like it cleaned out some cobwebs. I will see you this weekend. BB

Meghan said...

Jason, I'm glad to see that you didn't find anymore scorpions in your clothes..although I really like the idea of keeping it as a pet, and maybe confusing it with water and snow..haha..Talk to ya later-meghan

Kate Tuinstra said...

I have to say, I was laughing out loud after reading crack me up!

Samuel Bills said...

I enjoyed musing about your experience in the AZ wilderness - Compared to Florida and California Arizona is underrated for its potential for a backdrop for literary setting- an intersting place no doubt.